Powered by FIEF Token

FIEF is required for transaction fees, governance, and other network interactions.

500M Capped Supply

Deflationary Transaction Fees

Start building your own inventory of FIEF today.

Open Market

Purchase directly on popular Arbitrum Dexes now!

  • Trader Joe

  • KyberSwap


Loot Box

Collect and open Fiefdom Loot Boxes

  • Tradable as NFTs

  • Includes FIEF, IP, and more!


Earn as you go

Collect in-game loot and Influence Points while you transact in the Fiefdom. This the FIRST network to reward web3 gamers.

Games You Want To Play

Seamlessly access both off and on-chain games through the Fief Launcher & Fief account system.

fief launcher

Fiefdom is enchanted with DeFi and NFTfi

We believe gamers should be able to own, trade and lend their in-game assets.

Through Fief Protocol and others, Fiefdom will become the financial district of the metaverse.

Want to bring your dapp or protocol to Fiefdom?

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