Fief Partners With Catalyst to Bring Decentralized Asset Swaps to Fiefdom

Catalyst is one of the first premier protocols to integrated with Fiefdom.

We are excited to announce that Fief has partnered with Catalyst to bring both intra- and cross-chain swaps to Fiefdom.

Fief Primer

Before diving into the details of Catalyst on Fiefdom, here’s a quick primer on Fief!

Fief is a metaverse project devoted to building on-chain products and game experiences that empower gamers while unlocking new economic utility for game assets. Included within Fief is Fiefdom, Fief Protocol, and the Fiefverse - each of which leverages the FIEF token in unique ways.

  • Fiefdom is a blockchain network dedicated to gaming and trading in the metaverse. FIEF token is the official gas token of Fiefdom and is burned with each transaction.
  • Fief Protocol is a multi-chain platform for trading and earning rewards on metaverse assets with decentralized fee share via FIEF token.
  • Fiefverse is a voxel game universe that features both primary game titles developed by Fief and UGC content. The Fiefverse features a system of interconnected sub-worlds, each with their own owners, assets, and economies.

Fiefdom Vision

Fiefdom, which is an Arbitrum Orbit chain, is designed for low-cost and fast transactions, making it the ideal chain for on-chain gaming and trading.

Our vision for Fiefdom is to not only serve as a trading ecosystem for assets associated with Fief, but also to support on-chain gaming and trading for all metaverse projects. In this way, we see Fiefdom as becoming the financial district of the metaverse where assets from all networks can seamlessly plug into Fiefdom’s permissionless environment.

This vision aligns with the current industry push to adopt more elements of direct on-chain activity into game experiences, which is ultimately setting the stage for a new vertical of indie gaming.

These games will seamlessly plug into on-chain liquidity and related protocols, and we aim to establish Fiefdom as a primary location for such titles and experiences.

Fiefdom x Catalyst

In order to achieve this vision, Fiefdom must attract the leading protocols and platforms to facilitate an efficient and accessible trading environment.

Towards this end, Fief has partnered with Catalyst, a cross-chain AMM that allows for permissionless trading between any two chains.

Catalyst works by splitting the state of its AMM across different chains, which means that liquidity pools of tradable assets can be created on any two chains that are connected by a cross-chain communication protocol. 

This is incredibly powerful for Fiefdom, as it will enable the growth of chain liquidity by reducing the barriers that would otherwise result in a siloed network state. This can introduce powerful incentives for new metaverse projects hoping to tap into Fiefdom to launch their economies, as they will be able to establish cross-chain pools for direct access into their token economies from major L1s and L2s, as well as create cross-game economies on Fiefdom.

Moreover, Catalyst can facilitate “intra”-chain swaps, effectively operating as a flagship AMM for any chain.

At scale, Fiefdom will become a hub for metaverse tokens across all chains and this is in part made possible by Catalyst’s innovations.

Next Steps

Catalyst will be launching both its cross-chain AMM and an intra-Fiefdom AMM for trading of native and bridged assets directly inside the chain. This is the first decentralized trading venue to be available on Fiefdom and will host liquidity for FIEF gas token and the upcoming memecoin Troll Toll, which you can earn by participating in our Galxe quests or holding legacy Fief assets.

Catalyst will introduce its intra-chain trading platform on the Fiefdom Playground testnet in December. The Playground is currently live and available to developers who wish to build in the Fiefdom.