Fief Partners With Rarible to Build Fief Marketplace and Bring Rarible Protocol to Fiefdom

The new partnership will accelerate the development of key infrastructure for the Fief project.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with industry-leader Rarible to bring a number of key products and innovations to market over the coming months.

Included in this partnership is the development of Fief Marketplace via RaribleX, the integration of Rarible Protocol into the upcoming Fiefdom network, and a December drop of Loot Portal NFTs.

Fief Primer

Before diving into the details of the planned products and innovations, here’s a quick primer on Fief!

Fief is a metaverse project devoted to building on-chain products and game experiences that empower gamers while unlocking new economic utility for game assets. Included within Fief is Fiefdom, Fief Protocol, and the Fiefverse - each of which leverages the FIEF token in unique ways.

  • Fiefdom is a blockchain network dedicated to gaming and trading in the metaverse. FIEF token is the official gas token of Fiefdom and is burned with each transaction.
  • Fief Protocol is a multi-chain platform for trading and earning rewards on metaverse assets with decentralized fee share via FIEF token.
  • Fiefverse is a voxel game universe that features both primary game titles developed by Fief and UGC content. The Fiefverse features a system of interconnected sub-worlds, each with their own owners, assets, and economies.

Fief Marketplace x RaribleX

Fief is working with Rarible to develop the Fief Marketplace via RaribleX, a turnkey product solution for creating premier NFT marketplaces.

Through RaribleX, the Rarible team has created a number of leading NFT marketplaces, including those used by both major web2 and web3 brands. The combination of their expertise and technical infrastructure has set us up to create a premier trading platform for metaverse NFTs.

Fief Marketplace falls under the umbrella of Fief Protocol and will exist across multiple chains, including Fiefdom. This new marketplace will not only host the secondary trading activity for Fiefverse game assets and adjacent NFTs (PFPs, etc.), but also will be opened up to the broader NFT community who wish to adopt the platform for their NFT or gaming projects. 

We plan to deliver a number of unique web3-native solutions to enable Fief Protocol to stand apart, including decentralized fee share, Influence Point (IP) trading subsidies, and seamless, direct integration into the budding Fief Protocol dapp stack.

Net fees generated by trading activity on the Fief Marketplace will automatically flow into Fief Protocol’s upcoming yFIEF staking program.

Fiefdom x Rarible Protocol

The goal of the new Fiefdom network, which is an Orbit chain in the Arbitrum ecosystem, is to create a low-cost and fast network for on-chain gaming and metaverse asset trading. Fiefdom is totally permissionless, meaning teams building everything from NFTfi dapps to on-chain games can join the network to build.

To facilitate a healthy developer environment, Fief will be working with Rarible to integrate the Rarible Protocol on Fiefdom. This integration will empower developers to quickly build NFT-based applications on Fiefdom using Rarible's user-friendly SDK, indexer, and order book. 

Ultimately, the addition of Rarible Protocol with Fiefdom mainnet launch in Q1 will allow for a rapid proliferation of dapps and games to kickstart user acquisition flywheels for the new network.

Loot Portal Drop

To start things off, Rarible will be supporting the infrastructure for a brand new NFT drop in December.

Called Loot Portals, these NFTs serve a number of functions across Fief, including:

  • Weekly programmatic distributions of Loot Boxes on Fiefdom. Loot Boxes are on-chain reward vehicles that distribute one random asset when opened. They come in a variety of types and rarities.
  • In-game functionality in Fiefverse Hex Land play - view trailer here
  • License key to run a Fiefdom node. The node infrastructure sits above the blockchain layer and serves as a dCDN that will support on-chain gaming on Fiefdom. Those who run nodes earn rewards in FIEF token distributions and more.

Loot Portals come in a variety of rarities and the drop will be for the Common Tier and will be available for purchase on Ethereum prior to the mainnet launch of Fiefdom. When launched, these assets will port over.

Those who held onto legacy asset IGMs will receive their rarity-matched Loot Portal on Fiefdom when mainnet goes live. See the full migration plans here.


We are incredibly excited to work with the Rarible team and look forward to sharing more developments as we approach mainnet Fiefdom!