Join the Fiefdom: A New Orbit Chain Dedicated to the Metaverse

The new chain is designed for gaming and trading in the metaverse.

We are excited to announce that Fiefdom, a new Layer 3 blockchain network dedicated to gaming and trading in the metaverse, is now live in testnet.

Fiefdom Playground, the official name of the testnet, is currently available to partnered developers and will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

Fiefdom is the latest addition to the Fief ecosystem, bringing a new level of utility and opportunity to the Fief economy, including a deflationary driver for the FIEF token.

Fiefdom Design

Fiefdom is a permissionless network dedicated to the metaverse, including:

  • Fully on-chain games
  • NFT-based games
  • NFT Projects (PFPs, etc)
  • DeFi/NFTfi projects

To start, we are focused on establishing Fiefdom for activities associated with the Fiefverse, our voxel game universe, and Fief Protocol, a multi-chain platform for trading and earning rewards on metaverse assets with decentralized fee share via FIEF token.

What this means is that all of our game and related assets will be moved to Fiefdom, unlocking a new tier of accessibility and utility. We are taking this opportunity to revamp certain economics and even rewarding those who were early supporters of Fief. You can find out more on the migration of assets to Fiefdom here!

By being permissionless, Fiefdom is open to game studios and developers who wish to build on top of the network. Of course, Fiefdom will seamlessly integrate into the broader Fief product stack, which includes the VOX Builder, Loot Farms, and much more.

This results in parallel trajectories, one that Fief is directly participating in via Fiefverse and Fief Protocol, and one that is driven by a decentralized community of builders. Our vision is that these trajectories will compete with each other in an advantageous way to the benefit of the broader Fiefdom!

As an example, Fief will be first launching Fief Marketplace on Fiefdom, allowing users to trade in-game assets and other metaverse NFTs in a decentralized manner. As Fiefdom is permissionless, a community project may launch their own NFT Marketplace to capture network trading activity.

Technical Framework

Fiefdom is an Orbit chain that implements the Arbitrum Anytrust Protocol, meaning it is a blockchain that uses the same technology as Arbitrum's public layer 2 network "Nova" to provide low-latency, ultra-low-cost transactions.

As an Arbitrum Orbit chain, Fiefdom also settles to Arbitrum Nova. This framework makes Fiefdom a Layer 3 network, unlocking incredible speed and low costs for our users, while allowing the network to maintain a healthy proximity to Ethereum mainnet.

AnyTrust is a variant of Arbitrum Nitro technology that lowers costs by accepting a mild trust assumption. This tradeoff unlocks the ability to introduce fully on-chain game and ultra-fast trading functionality directly on Fiefdom, allowing game studios and developers to create unique experiences that fully integrate across the network.

The Fief team plans to develop fully on-chain titles within the Fiefverse as we progress, in addition to bringing assets such as weapons and skins fully on-chain.

The development and creation of Fiefdom is made possible through a collaboration with Caldera, a leader in blockchain rollup development and deployment. Fief has greatly benefited from working with the experts at Caldera, accelerating the development timelines and allowing Fief to continue focusing on the development of our protocol & app layers.

Fiefdom Economics

The FIEF token will serve as the gas token for Fiefdom. We plan to introduce two major pillars to this gas token functionality to drive forward a unique economic environment:

  1. Deflationary Transactions – all fees collected from transaction activity will be removed from circulation and burned. This will introduce a steady-state deflationary pressure on FIEF, which will complement the menu of more circular reward functions found across the Fief Protocol and the Fiefverse.
  2. Influence Point (IP) Rebates – IP is the off-chain game currency of the Fiefverse that can be used to buy in-game items, unlock experiences, and much more. Once activated, users will earn IP rebates on all FIEF gas expenditures, rewarding on-chain activity with in-game currency.

Fiefdom offers a uniquely rewarding network experience to gamers, collectors and traders alike.

If you would like to get started right away, we have set up dedicated FIEF pools on Arbitrum for users and projects to purchase in preparation of our mainnet launch. We recommend using an aggregator router to find best pricing, such as the one provided by Paraswap.

Instructions on bridging FIEF to Fiefdom will be available in separate documentation.

Quest Incentive Campaign

In partnership with Galxe, we are launching a quest incentive campaign for Fiefdom Playground.

During this campaign, both users (gamers, DeFi enthusiasts, traders, etc.) and developers will have an opportunity to earn rewards by completing quests that range from social engagement to on-chain activity and development.

Rewards will primarily be distributed through Troll Toll, the very first community memecoin of Fiefdom.

Build With Us

A number of partners have already signed on to build on top of Fiefdom, including Catalyst who will be bringing the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to Fiefdom, including both intra- and cross-chain swaps. We will be publishing dedicated writeups detailing the integrations of Catalyst and others throughout the coming weeks and months.

Whether you’re a game studio, dapp developer, or tooling provider, we want to hear from you. We’re actively onboarding partners to help facilitate the launch of the Fiefdom mainnet. To be considered, please reach out to us.

We will be publishing a call for projects with specific areas of development that we believe would thrive on Fiefdom. As we progress, FIEF grants and incentives for liquidity will be available to projects building on Fiefdom, in addition to the incentives built into the testnet quest incentive campaign.